What We Do

Brokers Authority is a self-regulatory organization of cryptocurrency professionals and consultants who are qualified for providing dispute resolutions for both brokers and traders. Our team works hard every day to satisfy our members and clients, as well as share knowledge and instructions on possible issues and disputes. We’ve developed an educational course for beginners and newbies, created an open and friendly environment for everyone who wants to learn trading from scratch.

Brokers Authority is a full-fledged service for recognizing brokers and getting consultations, dispute solving, and cryptocurrency learning.

What we do?

While being a completely independent organization, Brokers Authority recognizes themselves as a specialist team, striving to create an open, educational and effective space. Our interest is to provide knowledge, generate clear responses, give instructions, and expand community awareness.


Disputes resolution by an unbiased committee of professionals

Brokers certification and verification

Educational platform to start trading from the very beginning

Full issue research

Pre and post-trade execution analytics

Fraud detection

What is so special about The Brokers Authority?

The Brokers Authority is a service that unites the best brokers in one place for traders’ convenience and safety. We’re also proud of the educational system that is available for anyone who wants to learn trading from scratch. Our mission is to give cryptocurrency traders and brokers a space for communication, learning, finding honest and transparent resolutions, and exchange business practices experience.

Being with us makes you join a community that stands by high standards of business and trading. Together, we build a safe and secure environment for everyone who is involved in the cryptocurrency trading process.

Choose The Brokers Authority Because:

We are honest. Our members are monitored and verified.

Learn proper trading. Our learning options are available for everybody.

Swift resolution. Our expert team can give you an answer within 5 days.

Commission fund. We gurantee compensation for special cases.

Data-based analytics. We collect and process crypto trends constantly.