Scam Alert

Brokers Authority has collected information about a suspicious organization, that might imitate our source and use a logo or other individual information to conduct a scam operation.

Our team was informed about a fake organization impersonating Brokers Authority by using the brand’s logo and descriptions to scam the clients. The fake organization might use similar services and provide resembling information, but the difference is that the personal accounts are not secured and the funds you use for trading operations are getting stolen.

We require you to follow these instructions and stay away from the scammers that can impersonate our source. As a self-regulated organization, Brokers Authority is responsible for:

  • Not requiring any charging or fees for crypto services. Member brokers and their clients can use our services for free.
  • Not servicing the brokers who are not our verified members. Before you contact a broker, please check if they are on our Member List.
  • Contacting you only after you left an application via any of the forms on the site. No “cold” emails and calls.
  • Initiating a dispute resolution only by using the following form on the website.

If you receive a suspicious email or any other form of messaging from a person, who claims to be the representative of Brokers Authority, and you didn’t contact us first, please let us know by before you decide to provide any personal information.

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