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ARFIN (the Financial Market Development Association of Belarus) is a non-profit alliance of brokerage organizations operating in the crypto market. The main goal of ARFIN is to create effective measures to regulate the financial markets of Belarus and develop a set of industry management standards, as well as norms to provide protection of the individual investors’ interests.


Offshorelicense is an excellent partner in starting a new onshore and offshore turnkey business. The company has highly qualified personnel, a strong modern technological base, a wide partner network, and a diversified geographical presence with offices in the United Kingdom, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Latvia.

DARTEK is a consulting website specializing in digital marketing and Forex services. DARTEK is a way to a worldwide digital advertising network in Europe, CIS, and Asia. The DARTEK community has experience over 30 years of helping foreign exchange companies master the global regulatory field, create their brand, attract potential customers and expand business knowledge.

Verify My Trade is a standalone system that provides post-trade execution analysis for individual Forex traders. The results of the analysis help to provide clients with more resources in cases where a particular trade is in doubt, as there is an ability to explore more detailed information about the case and whether it can be resolved or reviewed.


FDCTech is a source that provides traders and brokers with important software and services for a safe and secure process of trading. The services provided by FDCTech include the launch of trading platforms, a corporate back-office reporting system, as well as cryptocurrency prices, and the MT4 Plugin. Many FDC users can also take advantage of the new Back Office 3.0 system available for MT5 to seamlessly integrate their IB, operations, risk, CRM, and partner portals.