About us

Brokers Authority is a team of independent industry experts and professionals that deals with different Crypto and Blockchain cases on every day basis. Today, we can boast of more than 8 years of experience and successful dispute resolution practices.

Brokers Authority is committed to helping brokers and traders in dealing with disputes quickly, competently, and honestly. We guarantee that both parties will get a valuable and satisfying answer, that also contributes to cryptocurrency understanding.

The Idea of The Brokers Authority

Started as a team of crypto enthusiasts, TheBrokers Authority has been developing and improving the initial concept to become a complete crypto community source. With the diversity of online platforms dedicated to similar topics, we’ve realized that as traders and brokers we need a place for both newbies and pros where you can learn, get consultations, and exchange experience. Now, the Brokers Authority is a self-determining body with rules and regulations, complex brokers verification mechanism, educational platform, and dispute commission.